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 There are so many ways to give


Every gift matters

  • $6.25 provides one person with a clean water source

  • $1 per day over a year will provide a clean water source for ~73 people


Your monthly partnership can change the lives of so many

  • $100 per month for a year provides water for ~192 people


You could fund a well all by yourself

  • $5000 one-time gift will provide a well for a community of 800+

  • $417 per month for one year


How about forming a well team?

  • 8 families each giving $52 per month for one year

  • 4 families each giving $104 per month for one year

Partner With Us

His Water International exists to bring a hope and a future to orphans and widows and their communities around the world through clean water and sustainable systems that improve their quality of life.


Together we can bring hope and a future.

Help us make a difference.

Your 1-Time Gift or Monthly Contribution will help us bring hope & life to Tanzania.